To the Editor:

In times of conflict, driving toward world peace and understanding is more important than ever. As the nation recovers from the shootings in Tucson, Aurora and Newtown, or as we recover from the critical hostage situation in Algeria, we are being challenged to find a purposeful and reasoned approach to dealing with these conflicts. But how? How as a nation, as a community, do we build peace?

As a Rotarian, I believe that building peace is possible through service. Rotarians uphold that ideal in our key principle of service above self. Rotary clubs promote peace by initiating humanitarian projects every year that address the underlying causes of social instability and conflict, such as hunger, poverty, disease and illiteracy. These projects are local, national and international.

Locally, we at the Rotary Club of Blue Bell are working with our neighbors and friends to address local hunger needs and local housing, in addition to local emergency response. Additionally, we’re launching a program with Wissahickon High School that promotes ethical decisionmaking using Rotary principles while it strengthens students’ public speaking skills. We believe we will make a difference by working collaboratively with our youth and other interested local organizations to address the underlying causes of social instability and conflict.

Lisa A. Miller

President, Rotary Club of Blue Bell