For the first time, Blue Bell Rotary hosted a 4Way Test Speech Contest. Kudos to Wissahickon High School for partnering with us for this wonderful oppotunity to strengthen students' public speaking skills while sharing Rotary's 4 Way Test. See how Wissahickon students demonstrate the value of Ethical Decision making principles in these videos (more are coming once we solve the technical challenge!)

Watch Andrew address the issues of cheating.

Watch Brendan address the issue of cun control.

Andrew came in first in our local club contest. He could not attend regionals, so Brendan attended. Brendan won and went straight to the finals.

Congrats to Andrew and Brendan for a job well done. Congrats to all who participated in our club contest:

Caroline Alberti, 10th grade        Carolyn Chen, 10th grade

Sanat Deshpande, 10th grade     Andrew Ge, 10th grade

Remi Ginsberg, 10th grade         Brendan Hopkins, 12th grade